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Web Apps

Web Based Apps

Do you have a business problem you need to solve or a process you want to automate?

A web app runs in a browser. They're cheaper to build, easier to use, and can run on any device with an internet browser.

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Mobile Device Apps for iPhone and Android

Do you want to connect with you customers, showcase your products and increase your marketing reach?

In Australia, there are now 4 mobile phones for every 3 people. This ever-growing market could be the perfect place for you business.

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Custom Business Management Systems

Should you buy “off-the-shelf” software or build your own?

At SL Digital, we have developed a number of custom business management systems for our clients where the business model is pretty unique or their needs go way beyond the scope of standard systems. read on…

Some of our clients

Victorian Infectious Diseases Reference Laboratory

VIDRL is a leading Australian infectious diseases reference laboratory located in Melbourne, Victoria.

VIDRL provides laboratory services for the Department of Health Victoria, Victorian hospitals and clinics, the Commonwealth Department of Health, and the World Health Organisation.


Filterfit is a 100% Australian-owned company specialising in the manufacture and supply of air filtration products, industrial filtration products, liquid filtration products and specialty micron-rated meshes.

Established in 1997, Filterfit has built an enviable reputation as one of Australia's premium filtration and specialty mesh suppliers